Those looking for an alternative that allows you to manage / update your list of PS3 games are welcome to try PS3 Game List.

PS3 Game List started out as a demo to test the Qt Framework overall applicability, using it to explore Sony’s SFO binary format. As more layers of functionality were included (mostly through user suggestions), the program quickly evolved into a full-feature C++ app.

Its main focus is on speed and portability, and is currently available for Windows (Eight, Seven, Vista and Xp), Linux (x86, x86-64 compatible) and Mac (OSX 10.5 and up).

A review by Christopher Groux:

As a loyal PS3 scene member, odds are you have probably accumulated all kinds of content for your prized Sony gaming console. Between all of the EBOOTs and ISOs on your ever-growing external hard drive, sometimes wading through and unpacking all of these files can be something of an annoying task. With the new version of PS3 Game List, you’ll be able to get back in the game just a little bit quicker through an all-in-one PC suite solution for less organized users.

Instead of throwing all of your PSN titles or ISO backups into the bottomless pit that can be your hard drive, PS3 Game List makes things easier on you by doing all of that organizational processing for you. In a snap you’ll be able to locate the files you need with the kind of efficiency you want, which should fit the need for any sort of hardcore gamer that likes to work beyond the confines of what your typical folk might be doing with their systems. Through just a quick install of this app on your Windows machine, you’ll be able to spend less time searching and more time in front of your TV. What’s not to love about that?

You’ll be endowed with the ability to handle RAR, ISO and PKG files, which means those ever so awesome archives can be kept in line within your big collection of goods. However, if that’s not enough for you, this app can decrypt those very files at rates that very quietly beat some of the more notable competition. If you’re looking to get something to make your scene experience lean and mean in a well-kept software, this new version of Game List might be right up your alley.

Quick guide (v3.3):

  • “Game folder”: loads the game info stored at the selected folder/directory (select the folder that holds all data, not the individual game folders; for ISO images, place them all in a single folder and load it as a regular game directory);
  • “Import list from Excel file”: loads a list of previously saved games from an excel file;
  • “Export…”: displays the list exporting options (“Export as text file” – exports/saves your game list as a text file; “Export as Excel file” – exports/saves your game list as a Microsoft Excel file; “Export as CVS file” – exports/saves your game list as a CVS file; “Export as PDF file” – exports/saves your game list as a PDF file);
  • “Clear list”: clears all the data loaded;
  • “Save changes”: saves all the changes made to the PARAM.SFO files and folders (double click or press F2 to alter game title, firmware or folder name; check the resolution and audio boxes to alter them);
  • “Rename folders…”: displays the folder renaming options (“Rename folders (ID)” – renames all folders to match the game ID (e.g. BCUS98114); “Rename folders (Title)” – renames all folders to match the game title (e.g. “Gran Turismo 5”); “Rename folders (ID+Title)”: renames all folders to ID-[Title]; “Rename folders (user defined)”: renames all folders to a format specified by the user using the tags _ID_ , _TITLE_, _SIZE_, _REGION, and _FIRMWARE_);
  • “Replace image…”: displays image replacing options (“Replace avatar” – replaces game avatar with a custom image. The image will be scaled to 320×176; “Replace background image” – replaces background image with a custom image. The image will be scaled to 1920×1080);
  • “Browse game folder”: opens an “explorer.exe” window pointing to the selected game folder;
  • “Spit/Join…”: splits files over 4GB into fragments for FAT32 compatibility (or joins fragments back together);
  • “Extract trophy data”: extracts all the data stored at the trophy file;
  • “Extract PSARC”: extracts PSARC compressed archives;
  • “Extract PKG”: extracts the contents of a PKG file (a folder named after the PKG will be created; this option will only be enabled for such files).
  • “Extract RAR”: extracts the contents of a RAR compressed file (this option will only be enabled for such files).
  • “Create ISO”: creates CDFS (ISO9660) or UDF 2.50 ISO image of the selected game folder;
  • “Disk status”: displays a chart of disk usage;
  • “Add game”: manually inserts a game to the list and checks whether the loaded games have updates available (note that an invalid ID will return no updates);
  • “Check for updates”: checks whether the loaded games have updates available;
  • “Download updates”: adds all checked updates to the queue and starts/resumes the download process (allowing simultaneous downloads; starting from version 1.9, all downloaded updates will be prefixed with the targeted PS3 system version);
  • “Stops downloads”: interrupts the download process; partial downloads can be resumed at a later time;
  • “Copy game update URL to clipboard”: copy all the URLs related to a selected game update;
  • “Select all/none”: selects/deselects all updates;
  • “Settings”: opens up the application configuration dialog;
  • “General (Settings)”: configures game folder depth (up to 10 levels; e.g. “Z:\GAMEZ\Gran Turismo 5\BCUS98114\” instead of “Z:\GAMEZ\BCUS98114\”), enables loading from multiple game folders, enables the creation of image backup, enables iconic representation of flag items, enables Unicode support for game titles, enables game info display in tooltips, sets file deletion option for split/merge operation and sets the default download folder);
  • “Proxy (Settings)”: proxy configuration (HTTP/SOCKS 5 supported);
  • “Toolbar (Settings)”: enables table layout customization;
  • “FTP”: the FTP tab allows the user to connect to a server (or a PS3 running one); right click on an item to display the available options (download, delete, rename or load game information). In order to upload a game, connect to a server and navigate to the destination folder. Then, go to the “Game info” tab and right click on the game to display the context menu. Select “Upload (FTP)” to upload the game to the destination folder.

50 Responses to About

  1. Andrea Melis says:

    Great job, I hope you’ll release a MacOS port in a short time, my iMac is waiting for it!

  2. Mark says:

    I have tried selecting all different folders but nuthin gets added to the list
    ie Z:/ps3 folder z:/ps3/gamez/blus2323 , Z:/Blus2323, Z:/Gamez/blus2323
    it says down bottom that game folder already loaded but nuthin is comin up on list
    tried this with many games.

    Using win7 64bit

    • wborland0 says:

      You should select the folder that stores all the games, not the individual ones (e.g. “Z:\GAMEZ” instead of “Z:\GAMEZ\BCUS98114”).

      • Mark says:

        Hey mate

        just letting you know i had to set it to 1 folder in in the settings.

        Thought having it set at other amounts ment it would look that far in total not look 5 folders in

        Cheers Im quiet Interested in what you have accomplished

        Thanking you.

      • wborland0 says:

        That sets the depth of the subfolders; in your case, 1.

      • Mark says:

        Another Thing so these will auto patch once downloaded?

        Im not doing the ftp way so once downloaded the files automatically copy into the appropriate folders then i can just copy over?

      • wborland0 says:

        You have to move your downloaded files to an external drive and install them using the “Install package” option.

      • Mark says:

        Ahh I see its created Pkg Files

        Do any of these help with some that dont Boot?

        I also noticed some of the games that have an X for boot actually boot on my ps3.

      • wborland0 says:

        The bootable column only indicates whether a game is able to boot (“X” or a tick), but some games may not boot for several reasons. Some of the updates fix the booting issue, but you need to research to know which ones will do the trick.

  3. Dany says:


    Thanks for a great app. I don’t know how to use the ftp option. @ the ftp tab it show me that is Logged onto an i get a grey box with only <em.. and i can't access any folder on my ps3 hdd. Can you help me?

    Sorry for my noob questions and sorry for my english.

    • wborland0 says:

      That is definitely an issue with the server, if OpenPS3FTP doesn’t work for you, try BlackB0x, which I do all the testing with; it should work fine.

      • djekl says:

        I get the same issue as above, however I would prefer not to install another FTP app. I currently use MultiMan’s built in FTP.

        Have you tested with that?

        Also for the FTP do you just enter the IP or

        You should provide some screenshots of this in use so that users can see it with your settings, just fuzz out your content if you so wish.

      • wborland0 says:

        You only need to enter the address the server displays (even the “ftp:// ” is not necessary). I suspect multiMAN isn’t RFC compliant, which would explain why some users are not able to connect to it. I strongly recommend you to use BlackB0x, as it seems to be the best implementation of an FTP server out there.

      • Dany says:

        Yep, that was the problem, thanks.
        I notice that you can load one title at the time in the list, you can’t edit file name/tag and can’t see game size in ftp mode. Those things will be available in next versions?

      • wborland0 says:

        I included them to the request list, thanks for the feedback.

  4. roger says:

    what about making it open source?

    • wborland0 says:

      Considering people seem to be interested, I intend to release the code when the porting is done, although I think the project would benefit little under an open source approach.

  5. kifakmnih says:

    can someone help me, i have firmware 3.55 i just downloaded the call of duty black update and put it on my USB and i tried to install it from the install package manager but i got error. can you plz help me on how to do it. thanks in advance.

    • wborland0 says:

      From what you described, it seems the update file might be corrupted; try downloading the update again, then copy it to your USB drive and select the install package option.

      • Dany says:

        Yes, i got the same problem, the pkg is corrupted/damaged. What is happening…if you start to download a patch and from some reason the download is interrupted ( you close the PS3 GL etc.) ,when you resume the download it will begin from were it was interrupted (i don’t know if its a bug or it spouse to due that) and the result is a corrupted pkg. It will be nice if wborland will look in the future in this problem, maybe a overwright command in case of interruption.

      • wborland0 says:

        The resume option is a feature, certainly not a bug. If you want to restart a download, just delete the partial file and the app will download it from the beginning.

      • Dany says:

        Oh, ok i understand, then the feature maybe has a bug causing the resumed download to end up corrupted. It happened to me two times, and i resolve it just like you said by deleting the partial download or in this case the corrupted one. Or maybe i have a connection problem, sorry if im wrong.

  6. dudu.clx says:

    new feature: auto param.sfo patcher.
    as you certainely know, somes games have updates encrypted in 3.66, and some of these games display an update message during the game (and it could be opressive).
    well, it’s will be good to check the update, and know if it is encrypted in 3.55 or more.
    if that’s 3.56 or newer, display a message like “update is encrypted with new keys, you will not be able to run it on CFW. Should i patch param.sfo to lastest knowed game version ?”

  7. Hal says:

    ok got a problem, V1.3 works as good as it did when released, but I upgraded to V1.7 and the prog opens and seems to work but will not find any updates nor will allow me to select all.
    so I downloaded V1.6 and got the same thing.

    I am on Win Vista 32 , I did the compatibilty with admin, but still no updates found.
    I have done the same with both newer programs V1.6 and V1.7
    I checked firewall and its is sending out request.
    other functions seem to work, it just cant get updates listed to download.

    when I try it says “checking for game updates”, and then nothing, sometimes it says “0 game update(s) found!”

    Win Home Vista 32 service pack 2
    any suggestions?

    • wborland0 says:

      The reported issue seems very unusual. Could be that your firewall is allowing the outgoing data but blocking the income, perhaps? Move the app to the trusted list of your anti-virus/firewall and try again. If it doesn’t work let me know so I can look further in the matter.

  8. Dave says:


    Great job, very handy utility for downloading updates.
    One thing you could possibly change is to move the “Language” menu item to the settings area.
    I never need to change the language, so you could make English default, and if people want to change it they can do so under the settings area.
    Also would it be possible to include a feature to “turn off” the avatar section? That area takes up a bit of space, so to turn it off/hide it would be great so I can see all the columns in the list.

    Thanks and great work! 🙂

  9. Dungeons Master says:


    Nice job with the utility!
    I am using the version 1.9 and noticed that it only reads folders named GAMEZ – with the ‘Z’. I have two folders in an external storage, one named GAMEZ with half of my gamez and another one named GAMES, which is not read by the app.
    Additionally it would be awesome if the program could read from multiple sources like internal PC hdd, external hdd and ftp, just to consolidate all the games we have within a single interface and making easier to manage which game may be copied or movied to which destination for better hdd space management.

    Thanks again for the great work!

    • wborland0 says:

      There is no name restriction, any folder name can be read. The application is already able to read from multiple sources, you just have to enable it from the settings menu and load all the folders manually. Thanks for trying it out.

      • Dungeons Master says:

        Actually I`ve already tried that (manually load all the folders).
        The paths were X:\SAMSUNG\GAMES and X:\SAMSUNG\GAMEZ. The app only read the ‘GAMEZ’ one, even selecting manually each one repeatedly and the only message was something like “the folder has already been read” or something.
        The way I solved that was to move all the games into the GAMEZ folder.

      • wborland0 says:

        Was the folder depth the same for both cases?

  10. guest says:


    tried to create a game list by ftp. I can connect to the ps3 but when ich choose a folder and “load game info” the background gets grey and nothing seem to happen. Whats the problem? Is there another way to create a game list from the ps3 hdd?

    • wborland0 says:

      It seems to be an issue with the ftp server you are connecting to, try using Blackb0x instead. Thanks for trying it out.

      • guest says:

        Blackb0x seem not to work correct. it seems that after round about 2 minutes a kind of standby is activated and the ftp disconnect.
        but i got the list of all games after 20-30 minutes with multiman. but unfortunately i didnt get the size of the game but i suspect it is normal with ftp?!

  11. colmao says:


    I downloaded the 1.05 version update of mortal kombat and installed it but the game won’t start. It asks me now for ofw 3.6.

    I thought the updates of ps3gamelist were compatible with cfw 3.55? Or maybe there is something to configure?

    Thank you for your answer

    • wborland0 says:

      PS3 Game List will download all the updates for a game and prefix the filename with the targeted firmware. Thanks for trying it out.

      • colmao says:

        Thank you for your answer.

        Is there a way to know the firmware compatibility before downloading the update?

      • colmao says:

        There is something else: to connect to the ps3 ftp server I need to enter “root” as username but there is no entry for username in the program. I use openps3ftp as ftp server, how can I enter the username? Thanks

  12. ezgroove says:

    hi, all gamez are on external with plenty of free space…over 100 titles needed updates, where does the app download these updates by default? pc? ext? (if so where? root or in folder?) Thx !!

  13. kevin says:

    when i load a game ( no iso) and i want to split files, i doesn’t doe anything..
    the biggest file is 16gb and it stays that size.
    what am i doing wrong ?

    • wborland0 says:

      Temporarily disable ‘Play video files when available’ in settings dialog, it should work.

      • Kevin says:

        Had that disabled allready.
        It worked fine with one game ( grant turismo) but still doenst work with other ( lego Batman )
        If the files are split. Can I load the game in multiman like that?

      • wborland0 says:

        Not sure I understand the issue. The split operation worked for Grand Turismo but not for Lego Batman, is that it?

      • Kevin Heijnen says:

        Yes that’s right. the operation worked for gran turismo but not with lego batman.
        and the option to play video files when available is greyed out.
        second question, can i play games on multiman when split ?

      • wborland0 says:

        Not a multiman user, but as far as I remember, the games will load even when split. There is setting for that, I guess.
        The split functionality seems to be working fine, I will look into the matter.

  14. rita says:

    Hi, thanks for making this program!

    How do I choose which title updates to download in a game? For example gt6 has 20, I only need the last 2 because i already downloaded the previous ones thru my console.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • wborland says:

      Up to version 3.4, you would have to store all your updates at the same folder. That way, the app would download just the ones remaining. Next release will probably implement an alternative so users can interact with the download process better. Check back for updates.

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