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News on v4.0 (part 3)

The project is not dead (even if signs seem to suggest otherwise); it went through a long period of radio silence, though. Some good new features planned (especially on the PS4 front, which may lead to a name change; not … Continue reading

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News on v4.0 (part 2)

Now it would be a good time to toss in any last suggestions for v4.0, including those concerning PS4 features. 1Bui99Yr9gxXsNVM5QPxbe8GrWXwWRT88g

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News on v4.0

Just a quick update concerting the app dev status. Wrapping up release 4.0 with some new interesting features, should be out soon. Meanwhile, those interested in contributing to the project can donate (bitcoins) at: 1Bui99Yr9gxXsNVM5QPxbe8GrWXwWRT88g

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Update v3.4

Those having trouble running PS3GL v3.4 should install Visual C++ Redistributable, it should fix the issue (x64 users should get both x86 and x64). Download at

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PS3 Game List v3.4

Download link: (SHA1: ce13ab9e04e5ec063572cd3442b94112e8dc8e94) After a while, another revision bringing PS3 Game List to v3.4. The improvements focused on both forward and backward compatibility. PS3GL now supports loading PS2 ISO files and PS4 PKG files (amounting to a list … Continue reading

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Road to v3.4

Quick update, planning the next release. For those interested in suggesting additional features to v3.4, now would be a good time to toss in those ideas

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Update 2

The latest Qt update proved to be a little harder to deploy, I suppose. Final update for the Windows version available below, for those having problems with the ‘windows platform’ message.

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