Update 2

The latest Qt update proved to be a little harder to deploy, I suppose. Final update for the Windows version available below, for those having problems with the ‘windows platform’ message.

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12 Responses to Update 2

  1. Rasscal says:

    Cool release & great update. I like many others store my games on a synology DiskStation NAS, would be fantastic if this could be compiled to run as a package on the unit.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Great work! This is exactly what I was looking for.

    Just wanted to point out a couple of bugs I found.
    1. Setting the Game folder depth checks only at that depth and not below. This is problematic when you have backups in multiple directory levels, i.e. say, PS3/TheLastOfUs, PS3/LBP/LittleBigPlanet1 as well as PS3/Racing/Motorstorm/Apocalypse
    2. pkg games don’t seem to be detected unless the game folder depth is 1.

    By the way, is this project on Github or something by any chance?

    • wborland0 says:

      Thanks for the feedback, but neither of the items you mentioned are bugs. The folder depth is supposed to work that way, fixed depth for all folders. The ISO, PKG, 7Z and RAR files are supposed to be on a root game folder (as explained in the release notes). Perhaps in a future release it will be a recursive search, but that will increase loading time considerably. Currently, no github or anything for the matter.

      • Right. Trouble is, given the structure I gave an example of, loading the folder multiple times at different folder depths doesn’t work too, as I get a message that the folder has already been loaded. I tried importing to excel at each folder depth, copy-pasting the data into a single excel and importing the excel sheet into the app, but most of the data (size, path) doesn’t get imported. Is there any way to solve this without having to put all my backups and pkg’s into a single folder? I like to keep my backups organized. 🙂

      • wborland0 says:

        Unfortunately, not with v3.3, but I added your suggestion to the request list. Check back for updates, thanks for trying out the app.

  3. AndyI says:

    Bug report.
    1. He does not see the files with Cyrillic characters in filenames.
    2. It takes the information from the first PARAM.SFO but not the second
    IRD_BLES01357-[NHL(TM) 12].7z/\BLES01357-[NHL(TM) 12]\PS3_GAME\PKGDIR\PARAM.SFO
    IRD_BLES01357-[NHL(TM) 12].7z/\BLES01357-[NHL(TM) 12]\PS3_GAME\PARAM.SFO
    ident error with this game
    IRD_BCES00569-[GRAN TURISMO 5].7z
    and many others
    3. Crash without any message on directory with hundreds of files (7z).
    Perhaps the Zlib version 1.2.8 update will solve the problem?

    P.S. All Archive created by the 7-Zip v9.20 a command string “7z.exe a -r -t7z -mx0”

    • wborland0 says:

      1. If the 7z files have Unicode characters, there may be an issue loading them. Will check to see if it happens.
      2. For compressed games, the app will search for the first PARAM.SFO file it finds. Multiple SFO files may cause an issue indeed.
      3. 7z library is not reliable at all, I considered dropping support for those files altogether in v3.3, maybe next release. Don’t think it has to do with zlib. I suggest using RAR instead, even if it results in slightly larger files.

  4. Grinchi says:

    I really love this Program, but i get lot of crashes while downloading on Windows 8.1. It always says PS3 Gamelist stoped working. Tried different things, but nothing worked for me 😦

  5. Kevin Heijnen says:

    oading the folder multiple times at different folder depths doesn’t work .
    i have 60 games but none of them are seen.
    what am i doing wrong? al my files are unpacked?
    doe they have to be a specific file type ?

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