Road to v3.3

Quick update, planning the next release. Stability aside, for those interested in suggesting additional features to v3.3, now would be a good time to toss in those ideas.

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16 Responses to Road to v3.3

  1. How about adding support for psn games? i downloaded lots of psn games and its hard to organized. also, it would be practical if you can rename the file in order of installation steps. eg, 1-gta5, 2-gta5.patch1, 3-gta5.patch2.


  2. xerone says:

    Be like multiman, A game manager (Manage Patches, updates, and settings to run smoothly with multiman, faster and stable) Did i say game manager.
    Allow plugins to extend functionality. like cheats, DLC download. Future Release.

    For now, more stability and responsive.
    Great App BTW,

  3. Axtux says:

    There is a bug when you export to text format. ™ (TM up) and everything after in the title is not written into the file. Strange because ® is written fine (surrounded R). Everything is fine with CSV export. For more informations, you can contact me.

    As new features, it could be good to define pattern to rename folders or to export a game list. It could be like %GAME_NAME%, %GAME_ID%, …

  4. xerone says:

    Hope there is a bug report page or something. Found another one. When downloading… If you press clear it should stop the downloads but the items remain as only blank rows, when you re-added the games, there will be blank lines. Then Issues keep coming up afterwards need to close the app.

    I find it difficult to track the progress of the checking there is no progress bar. Better if similar to loading.. This lead too pressing the check updates more than once causing stability issues.

  5. Nuno Vidal says:

    rename *.iso like directory with game inside 😉

  6. Looking4news says:

    Dear wborlando! I’ve been searching for a tool with a feature of exporting and importing a game list to/from excel file for quite a long time! Thank you for your tool! Could you please make a couple of steps further (I haven’t found any other tool with such features):
    when exporting a list include the last maximum version of the pkg available (1.0 if none)
    when later on checking for updates for the games from this excel/csv games – compare the new max version with the last max version and alert if new update is available.
    I believe it might be great!

  7. xer0ne says:

    Another great addition would be a clean up tool, remove ps3updat, remove update patch for games that only need the most recent patch.

  8. deeptrap says:

    Iv got multiple folders with rar files but i have to select the folder one by one to read the games.

    game depth is standing on 3+ but this does not help

    • wborland0 says:

      That is not a bug. RARs, ISOs, PKGs and 7Zs don’t follow the folder depth configuration, they must be placed at the same folder to get loaded (or the root of your game folder). Maybe it will change in the future, check back for updates.

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