PS3 Game List v2.3

Download link:
(SHA1: a87cb02f8e04480c2ca532838487bca578e8179d)

linux Download link:
(SHA1: b8a0c86b2a949a6ab8f780775dd24dc885ab1d0d)

mac Download link:
(SHA1: f7b2da3f8581ff2573712855485647d8fb0e386d)

Another application update, bringing PS3 Game List to v2.3. The main highlight is the support for PSARC archive extraction. The feature was lingering over the request list for a long time, and it is finally implemented. Users can retire other extracting apps from their library, as PS3GL extracts data even faster than Sony’s official implementation!

Also, there is a new trophy tab, for those interested in learning all about the selected game’s challenges (trophy ID, type, name, detail, hidden status and avatar). Trophy information will be loaded according to the language selected by the user, and can be extracted as well.

Additionally, Linux and MacOS ports for v2.3 are provided, just like old times, although I cannot really guarantee future support. A whole lot of work and much underappreciation from the users, even for the Windows version.

Anyways, feel free to suggest something new, and, if you happen to find any bugs, please report them as well.

PS3 Game List change-log and features:


  • Support for PSARC (compressed files used to store game resources like textures, audio and video data) archive extraction;
  • New tab to display trophy info (trophy type, name, detail and hidden status will be loaded according to the selected language; line selection will trigger a smooth blend animation between trophy avatars);
  • Option to extract trophy data as well;
  • Slight improvement in load speed;
  • PSN games can now be imported from CSV/Excel;
  • Fixed issue while trying to clear the loaded list;
  • Fixed v2.2 translation issue.


  • Support for compressed 7z files (data stored as a RAR file will not be editable; an icon will overlay both avatar and background image in order to differentiate the entry from standard game folders, and the tooltip will display additional info about the file; note that 7z files, like ISO images and PKG files, do not follow the ‘folder depth’ configuration, just have them stored at the root of a directory and they will be loaded as a regular game folder);
  • Pam files played from compressed files will be overlaid with the corresponding icon;
  • Fixed column customization setting;
  • Fixed issue while loading avatar from RAR;
  • Fixed add game icon not being available;
  • Fixed loading PKG games from CSV/Excel;


  • Improved application responsiveness (while loading multiple game formats simultaneously);
  • Users can now download updates for games they do not own (by clicking on the corresponding icon and inputting the game ID, e.g. BCUS98114);
  • Support for CSV file format (users can export their game list to a CSV file and later import it as well; improved app portability and useful to those who do not use Excel);
  • Fixed Excel importing/exporting (for those who prefer using the worksheet format; requires Microsoft Excel installed);
  • Fixed application crash while loading malformed SFOs.


  • Support for compressed RAR files (including multivolume and password protected archives, data stored as a RAR file will not be editable; an icon will overlay both avatar and background image in order to differentiate the entry from standard game folders, and the tooltip will display additional info about the file; note that RAR files, like ISO images and PKG files, do not follow the ‘folder depth’ configuration, just have them stored at the root of a directory and they will be loaded as a regular game folder);
  • Option to play videos (PAM files) instead of displaying static avatar images (configuration via settings dialog);
  • Users can now customize table columns layout (configuration via settings dialog);
  • Game titles are loaded according to the selected language (e.g. Uncharted 2 will read “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” in English , “Uncharted 2: Il covo dei ladri” in Italian, “Uncharted 2: El reino de los ladrones” in Spanish, and so on);
  • Additional tags _SIZE_ and _REGION_ for custom rename (e.g. “_TITLE_ – (_ID_)[_FIRMWARE_][_REGION_][_SIZE_]” => “Gran Turismo 5 – (BCUS98114)[3.50][USA][17 GB]”, “(_REGION_)[_SIZE_][_FIRMWARE_][_ID_][_TITLE_]” => “(USA)[17 GB][3.50][BCUS98114][Gran Turismo 5]”, etc.);
  • Further PARAM.SFO editing (SFO category and Remote play options);
  • Game titles starting with “The” will have the article shifted to the end after renaming for improved sorting (e.g. “The Need for Speed” will be renamed to “Need for Speed, the”);
  • New chart for disk status (one that actually looks good);
  • Line selection will now trigger a smooth blend animation between game avatars;
  • PS3 Game List will now display an animated application logo;
  • Built with the latest major release of Qt (version 5), OpenSSL lib and compiler for improvements in speed, security and size;
  • Windows 8 support;
  • Featured installer/uninstaller;
  • Fixed renaming game titles with line feed characters;
  • Fixed renaming game titles with Unicode characters;
  • Fixed settings dialog minor translation issue.


  • Fixed issue that prevented firmware info from loading.


  • PKG file support (both release and debug PKGs are supported, data stored as a PKG file will not be editable; an icon will overlay both avatar and background image in order to differentiate the entry from standard game folders, and the tooltip will display additional info about the file; note that PKG files, like ISO images, do not follow the ‘folder depth’ configuration, just have them stored at the root of a directory and they will be loaded as a regular game folder);
  • Improved SFO parser;
  • Fixed issue that prevented some ISO files from loading;
  • Fixed minor tooltip issues.


  • ISO 9660 file system image support (currently read-only, data stored as an ISO image will not be editable; an icon will overlay both avatar and background image in order to differentiate the entry from standard game folders, and the tooltip will display additional info about the volume; note that ISO images do not follow the ‘folder depth’ configuration, just have them stored at the root of a directory and they will be loaded as a regular game folder);
  • Linux version now allows game directory browsing;
  • Fixed issue causing eventual background image distortion.


  • Hovering the mouse over a populated list displays tooltip containing the selected game info and background miniature (configuration via settings dialog);
  • Additional tag _FIRMWARE_ for custom rename (e.g. “_TITLE_ – (_ID_)[_FIRMWARE_]” => “Gran Turismo 5 – (BCUS98114)[3.50]”, “[_FIRMWARE_][_ID_][_TITLE_]” => “[3.50][BCUS98114][Gran Turismo 5]”, etc.).


  • Allows users to hide the extra frames (avatar, video resolution and audio) in order to gain horizontal space and better display standard game info;
  • Downloaded updates will be prefixed with targeted PS3 system version (e.g. 02.4000_UP9000-BCUS98103_00-UNCHARTEDDF1SCEA-A0110-V0101-PE.pkg);
  • Additional language support: Spanish;
  • Fixed issue while joinning files from multiple folders.


  • Splits files over 4GB using .666xx fragments for FAT32 compatibility (a file named “filename.ext” will be split as “filename.ext.66600”, “filename.ext.66601”, etc.);
  • Joins file fragments back into the original file (joining will not be performed if the volume format is FAT32 ; configuration via settings dialog);
  • Updates will be queued again after a hash test fail (requested feature);
  • Fixed drive usage info for Japanese text;
  • Fixed minor French translation issues.


  • Allows multiple simultaneous downloads (configuration via settings dialog);
  • Supports download pausing/resuming;
  • Displays download speed;
  • Allows users to indicate whether a game loads from the external hard disk or not (double click on the correspondent cell to select the desired value, the info will be stored at ‘external.txt’ when the save action is performed; the file can be manually edited, the format is [GAME_ID] [CODE], where [CODE] can be 0 (Not Tested), 1 (Not Working) or 2 (Working); e.g. BCUS98114 0);
  • Full Unicode support (UTF-8) (configuration via settings dialog; by enabling Unicode, the application will render non-Latin characters used in western languages, special symbols, etc.; text will be rendered using ISO-8859-1(Latin-1)/Windows-1252 otherwise);
  • Displays check items (flags) as icons (configuration via settings dialog);
  • Indicates whether a game update has been downloaded (partially or in full);
  • Overwrite confirmation is no longer asked (the package SHA1sum is checked instead; if the hash test fails, the update will be added to the download queue);
  • Additional language support: Japanese;
  • Fixed _TITLE_/_ID_ order issue (custom rename);
  • Fixed image loading issue after folder renaming;
  • Fixed drive usage info;
  • Updated German text (thanks to Whynot for the correct translation).


  • Loads info from multiple game folders (configuration via settings dialog);
  • FTP renaming (via FTP context menu);
  • Additional option to rename game folders to a user defined format using the tags _TITLE_ and _ID_ (e.g. “_TITLE_ (_ID_)” => “Gran Turismo 5 (BCUS98114)”, “[_ID_][_TITLE_]” => “[BCUS98114][Gran Turismo 5]”, “XYZ -_TITLE_” => “XYZ -Gran Turismo 5”, “[_[_ID_]_]” => “[_[BCUS98114]_]”, etc. ; notice that at least one of the tags must be present and the characters ‘\’, ‘/’, ‘:’, ‘*’, ‘?’, ‘”‘, ‘<‘, ‘>’ and ‘|’ cannot be used);
  • Exports game list to Excel file format (requires Microsoft Excel installed);
  • Imports game list from a previously saved Excel file [requires Microsoft Excel installed; games can be manually added (a game title and a valid ID must be filled), and the worksheet layout must be followed, otherwise the rows will be skipped];
  • Additional option to display disk status;
  • Displays number of games and total size permanently at the status bar.


  • Loads game info stored at the PS3 (via FTP context menu);
  • Downloads updates of games stored at the PS3;
  • Allows users to set a default download folder (via settings dialog);
  • Game folder depth configuration (via settings dialog; e.g. “Z:\GAMEZ\Gran Turismo 5\BCUS98114\” instead of “Z:\GAMEZ\BCUS98114\”);
  • Allows replacing of game avatar and background image with custom ones (backup option via settings dialog);
  • Displays FAT32 compatibility (notice the “Bootable” column indicates whether a large file is split into smaller parts);
  • Additional option to rename game folders multiMAN style;


  • Context menu support (right click on list items to activate);
  • Initial FTP support (download/upload via context menu);
  • Proxy support;
  • Allows mass renaming of game folders (to match game id or game title);
  • Choosing not to overwrite an existing update no longer aborts the download process (the next update in line gets selected);
  • Fixed creation date sorting issue.


  • Allows further PARAM.SFO editing (video resolution and audio format);
  • Remembers game folder location and language settings;
  • Fixed crash while loading malformed PARAM.SFO.


  • Downloads all updates for a selected game instead of the latest one only;
  • Fixed column order issue.


  • Allows PARAM.SFO editing (game title and firmware version);
  • Allows directory renaming;
  • Allows game directory browsing (through an external explorer.exe call);
  • Lists available game updates (version and size);
  • Downloads game updates;
  • Fixed minor translation issues.


  • Makes use of multiple threads to load game info faster;
  • Lists game title, id, firmware version, size, boot status, and creation date from any directory;
  • Displays game’s avatar and background image;
  • Allows game list to be exported to a text file;
  • Multilanguage support: English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
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43 Responses to PS3 Game List v2.3

  1. typhoe says:


    there seems to be a problem with the linux and mac files you uploaded.
    I tried to download them a few times, but I can’t get the same sha1sum than you.
    The windows one seems ok (and I can extract the archive)…

    sha1sum ps3*
    a87cb02f8e04480c2ca532838487bca578e8179d ps3gl_v2.3.rar
    0d015ba42d208e0ace72e87238472ccbf8aa4ea7 ps3_list_linux_v2.3.rar

    Can you check these two?

    And thank you with the new alternate versions (linux and mac).
    I was stucked with v1.9.2 on linux.

    Keep on your excellent work,
    Thanks again!

  2. Strelki says:

    Hi wborland, and thank you very much for the new version. I like your program is very good. I don’t understand why people give much underappreciation.
    Bye and thanks again for your work.

  3. publicENEMY says:

    Hi, just wanna say that if the are some patches files(not sure if the files is partially complete or complete) in game directory downloaded long time ago(ps3 game list shows that the game has 0% patches downloaded), the ps3 game list will crash when i try to download patch with ps3 game list.


  4. publicENEMY says:

    you could reproduce the crash by downloading updates for LittleBigPlanet(TM)2 (EU) – (BCES00850). crash 3 times downloading updates(download updates, crash, delete updates, redownload updates, crash, and so on and so forth). other games that also crash are gran turismo 5. could it possible that both of this games have 20+ updates that caused the crash? thanks.

    • wborland0 says:

      The downloading feature seems to be working fine, couldn’t reproduce the issue you described. How many updates you downloaded before the app crashed?

      • publicENEMY says:

        none. to isolate the issue, i just download game update for 1 game at once until i found the game thats problematic. is there anything i can do.
        One other issues is when i selected few games to download updates, only the first game updates is downloaded. it usually shows that the game updates downloaded at 50% or 33% and stuck there. the updates for the game does not downloaded anymore and neither updates of other games are being downloaded. it just stuck at the first games updates. also some of the games updates downloaded at 200%, which is weird. also i noticed that if i sort by number of updates. both little big planet(1 and 2) are sorted at wrong order. little big planet have 13 updates but is sorted betwen 1 and 2 updates. little big planet 2 have 25 updates but is sorted between 2 and 4 updates. thank you.

      • wborland0 says:

        The sorting was indeed problematic, it will be fixed in the following release. I will look into the downloading issue further, but it is hard to pinpoint the origin of the problem you described. Are you using Windows 8?

  5. diablothebest says:

    My favorite program, but this version crashes when build list of 489 games. Try old version – all fine.

  6. diablothebest says:

    Still have problems with the games with a lot of patches! After Download patches program not see them! Link with screenshots

    • diablothebest says:

      A similar problem occurs with the Grand Turismo 5, LBP2, MX vs ATV – this games have many patches! And this problem have all old versions of your app!

  7. diablothebest says:

    New question about last version GodOfWar. Same problem with patches and GL see another 11 patch.

  8. Ugur says:

    It would be cool if we can sort Trophies according to their value ( Bronze – Silver – so on ), not from A to Z

  9. Luke_70it says:

    This program is Wonderful, and is getting better with each release!
    Here is my feature request:
    To save space on my HDD, i manually delete old patches from game folders.
    Is it possible to add an option to automatically delete old patches when the new one is successfully downloaded (only when the game doesn’t require more than one patch)?

    Thank you very much

  10. plz guys is best program i need support for Windows Xp plz 😦 fix new update work on xp . thx a lot

  11. Rickey says:

    I have extracted your installer with 7zip, cut and paste the plugins directory (in $PLUGINSDIR), it works perfectly, but I’d like making a portable version which leaves no traces (under windows only) with a .ini configuration file (or other) but I don’t know the appropriate commands.
    (eg: ps3_list.ini >>


    I haven’t found where the settings (datas?) are recorded: nothing in Windows registry (regedit), nothing in %user%/AppData and nothing in the app directory, so I do not know where to start!
    BTW the Linux version cannot be open or be extracted with 7zip, peazip or universal extractor. (a password is needed?)

    Thank you.

    • wborland0 says:

      Seems like an interesting feature you proposed, but at the moment you cannot override the default configuration with an alternative settings file. Perhaps in a future release, check back for updates.

  12. easy2boy says:

    there’s a problem with windows xp sp3
    ps3_list.exe is not a valid win32 application

  13. Jas says:

    Still using this great program, but a couple of things that would be great.
    1: While using the DIR renaming, i have to alter it every time i load the program, or it results back to the default . Annoying.

    2: Any chance we can have the prog list what languages games are, i found a few backups that dont even have english so were useless. this would be very helpfull.

  14. jimmy says:

    FIrst off..been using this app for awhile now and its really nice so thanks for it!

    If I had a request to be made, itd be to try and get PSN games to load properly too. If you have some psn games in gamez folder itll crash this app everytime and moving the games back n forth before i run this app gets tedious, so if its possible itd be really sweet to have this app be able to read psn stuff as well.

    Not sure if this request has been made or not, ill try and check back since it seems admins good about responding to people, if you need to know which game(s) are crashing the app I can try and play with it till i find the error prone games if that helps you guys any.

    • wborland0 says:

      The app support PSN games already, it seems like an issue. If you could identify which games are crashing, it would be of great help. Thanks for the feedback.

      • jimmy says:

        Ok thanks for the reply.. some background info, I have my PSN pkgs extracted and in ps3 folder format so I can boot them off external in Multiman.
        The title that crashes the app is Resident.Evil.Code.Veronica.X.HD.NPUB30467. The app reads the file in pkg form, but if its extracted into ps3 game folder format it crashs app everytime.. Ive got a few dozen pkg turned ps3 folder games and this is the only one that does this, not sure whats up with it tbh just letting you know which one was problematic, thanks again for your app hope you can get this one kink squared away.

      • wborland0 says:

        Seems the pkg module is working fine, could you send the SFO file to my email? Thanks again for the feedback.

  15. Yngwiedis says:


    I have 2 Buzz games in my games list and they have Greek characters in the name.
    These Greek characters are not displayed in the PS3 Game List program.
    I get this as game name: “Invalid SFO file!”
    It’s easy for you to put Greek characters support?
    Thank you very much.

  16. Yngwiedis says:


    Sorry for the late response.

    I can’t find your email address. So you can download the SFO of the specific game from here:

    Thank you very very much.

  17. inertia says:

    Great tool, keep up the good work! 🙂
    I wanted to ask how to apply the updates (pkg files) that are downloaded into the root folder of the game. I store my games as ISOs and was wondering how to apply the updates to these files so I don’t have to download in multiMan.

    Thanks in advance.

    • wborland0 says:

      You can extract the contents and overwrite the files, or let the PS3 do that for you, if you connect it to an external storage device. Thanks for trying out the app.

  18. Michel says:

    Problems with installing.
    Next message: Error opening file for writing !!!
    I’m running Win7 ultimate serv pack1.
    I have also installed Visual C++ Redistributable.
    Same result.
    Thanks for the respons.

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