Road to v2.0

Quick update, version 2.0 is due to be released in a short while. The latest compiler and revision of the Qt library are providing serious gains in speed, while keeping the app light and portable.

For those interested in suggesting additional features to v2.0, now would be a good time to toss in those ideas.

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28 Responses to Road to v2.0

  1. Justin Wish says:

    I am not sure if this is under your control or Sony’s, but sometimes it’s better to get the incremental game updates so you could just get the version you want, instead of the 1.00 direct to 1.20 for instance…

    • wborland0 says:

      The app downloads every update, so you can choose the ones you want to apply. But whenever you want to get the updates via PS3, it applies all until the latest version. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Koper says:

    You could apply eboot resigner to switch from 3.55 eboots to original ones – to make them work on 4.30 CFW

  3. LeXx says:

    Maybe you could add fonction to scan rar archives of games, i keep all of them compressed so i can’t use PS3GL until i decompress them… Add this will help me lot 😉

  4. Milkawax says:

    You can put a CRC verification option to the game list.
    Make crc checksum and verify option to check after problems with files or harddisk errors.
    So the people can check that the release on harddisk is ok…
    Maybe you can make the tabs order into an ini so if a tab is put to another position it can be saved in the ini..
    Save the actual list/status with pathes, so you can update a scan without have to scan all games/harddisks again.

  5. you can also implement a function to rename all the downloaded update.pkg’s. Like the rename folder function. (ID + Title + version: BLES00242 – Viking:Battle for Asgard – 1.10)

    • wborland0 says:

      It can be done with the current version, thanks for the feedback.

      • LeXx says:

        I’ve tested it, and the renaming works but it don’t keep the “version” of the patch, ex A101 or A102. So when i’ve test with SSF4 patches, it has renamed all except patch A107 because it has the same name at output “SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV – (BLES00770) [UPD-3.73].pkg” . Maybe there’s a flag that is not documented ? (like _VERSION_)

      • wborland0 says:

        Added the suggestion to the list. Thanks again.

  6. lizzarez says:

    no se si se puede hablar español pero utilizo mucho su aplicacion.
    pero e tenido errores a la hora de mirar todos mis juegos. hay veces que no me salen los nombres de los juegos. no se si podrias arreglar ese bug.
    saludos y esperando la version 2.0

    • wborland0 says:

      From what I could understand, you encountered an issue when displaying game names. Perhaps if you can send me the SFO files I could look into the matter. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. LeXx says:

    Maybe you can add :
    – an option to rename ONLY selected file / folder (also allow multiple selection)
    – an option to “refresh” list (i need to close and relaunch app to update the list after i’ve add a game on disk)
    – an option to “save” custom folder (or update) renaming style
    – add the possibility of customising showed columns (ex: i don’t need “FAT32” so i hide it)
    – add a column that show the FW version of downloaded pkg (ex: update is 4.11)
    – an option to reload last used path for games
    – maybe an option to seek & download updates from a specified game ID (so i don’t need to connect to FTP to pick update for non FAT32 games)
    Here it is, that’s all ideas i’ve for now.
    Thanks for listening our ideas!

  8. FEAR420 says:

    The ONE & ONLY option that I would LOVE to see is being able to add the game/folder SIZE in the renaming process. When I transfer my games & things over,I like to move the smallest stuff first then do the larger stuff last so I can at least have some working stuff on the PS3 while “updating”. I see the app shows the game/folder size in the listing,but theres no option to add that to the file renaming.

  9. Luke_70it says:

    It will be great to have an option to display game titles according to selected language, or manually selecting the language….

  10. N says:

    it would be nice to be able to use teh rename folder options with a _REGION_ flag

  11. Justin Wish says:

    I saw on another website that this handy program is now 64bit only. I guess this is true since I cannot run it with WinXP 32 bit ( not a valid 32 bit application error ). If it is not too terribly difficult to compile a 32 bit build, could you please release one ? Thanks ! I will still use 1.9.3 for now.

  12. fear says:

    when renaming folders any names in Japanese end up as just blank. i have lang pack installed and can manually rename to the title of the game but ps3gamelist seems to be unable to if not too much trouble could you look into it.

  13. baroum says:

    In French, the accents (é-è-ê) are not managed and replaced by one ?. More we have no information on the game.

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