PS3 Game List – Linux

 Download link:

The initial Linux port of PS3 Game List is finally here. Based upon v1.6, it implements most of the Windows version features (minus the platform specific functionality). The OpenSSL package is required (download the correspondent version for your release), and so is the Qt lib (the download link includes base files).

As usual, feel free to suggest something new, and, if you happen to find any bugs, please report them as well. If there is enough demand, there may be ports for other operating systems as well.

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10 Responses to PS3 Game List – Linux

  1. Drizzt says:

    May I have the source code?
    I use linux x64 and I don’t want to install 32bit libraries.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Spy_be says:

    Would be great if a mac version comes live :D. I guess it won’t be that difficult since Mac OSX has a linux core 😀

  3. H2L29 says:

    Thx work fine under debian

  4. Whynot says:

    I think im to stupid for that tool because I get on Ubuntu 10.04 Errors that theres a fault in the Code ?!? But on Ubuntu 10.10 (MoonOS) It works great !

    Thanks a lot , worked by myself on a little python script which made the same 🙂

    And sry for my bad english ….

  5. Whynot says:

    Im back : there are some mistakes in the german translation :
    _Änderungen speichern
    _Ordner umbennen… -ID umbenennen
    -Titel umbenennen
    -ID+Titel umbenennen
    -benutzerdefiniertes umbenennen
    _Bild ersetzen… -Avatar ersetzen
    -Hintergrundbild ersetzen


    _Auf Updates überprüfen
    _Updates herunterladen
    _Alle/keine auswählen


    Titel des Spieles-ID-Firmeware-Größe-Bootfähig-Fat32-Pfad

    Good thats my own translation how i think i listens nice 🙂
    By questions send me an E-mail
    but great work !
    I love this manager 🙂

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