PS3 Game List v1.5

Download link:

Another request oriented release, improving the base functionality. As usual, feel free to suggest something new, and, if you happen to find any bugs, please report them as well.

PS3 Game List change-log and features:


  • Loads game info stored at the PS3 (via FTP context menu);
  • Downloads updates of games stored at the PS3;
  • Allows users to set a default download folder (via settings dialog);
  • Game folder depth configuration (via settings dialog; e.g. “Z:\GAMEZ\Gran Turismo 5\BCUS98114\” instead of “Z:\GAMEZ\BCUS98114\”);
  • Allows replacing of game avatar and background image with custom ones (backup option via settings dialog);
  • Displays FAT32 compatibility (notice the “Bootable” column indicates whether a large file is split into smaller parts);
  • Additional option to rename game folders multiMAN style.


  • Context menu support (right click on list items to activate);
  • Initial FTP support (download/upload via context menu);
  • Proxy support;
  • Allows mass renaming of game folders (to match game id or game title);
  • Choosing not to overwrite an existing update no longer aborts the download process (the next update in line gets selected);
  • Fixed creation date sorting issue.


  • Allows further PARAM.SFO editing (video resolution and audio format);
  • Remembers game folder location and language settings;
  • Fixed crash while loading malformed PARAM.SFO.


  • Downloads all updates for a selected game instead of the latest one only;
  • Fixed column order issue.


  • Allows PARAM.SFO editing (game title and firmware version);
  • Allows directory renaming;
  • Allows game directory browsing (through an external explorer.exe call);
  • Lists available game updates (version and size);
  • Downloads game updates;
  • Fixed minor translation issues.


  • Makes use of multiple threads to load game info faster;
  • Lists game title, id, firmware version, size, boot status, and creation date from any directory;
  • Displays game’s avatar and background image;
  • Allows game list to be exported to a text file;
  • Multilanguage support: English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
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8 Responses to PS3 Game List v1.5

  1. Dine says:

    I’d love to be able to rename game folders via FTP.

  2. Fishlips says:

    Hello ya’ll,

    Very nice app you’ve created. I don’t know if this is the right place to do so, but I’ve got a feature request: In the rename game folder field, could a format like “TITLE_ID” or “TITLE (ID)” or something be included. That would make the app more awesome.


  3. Otar says:

    Ok, how about a smart downloader? Like multi threads as some download managers or maybe download many files at once? Since Sony blocks my speed at around 100kb/s per thread and my line is 1.000kb/s. For updates im using a site that have the links and if i click 10 of them i can get it faster then any program right now.

    Ability to open many dir’s at once, like when i open my x:/games it shows the list when i open the x:/gamez it dont add to it, it clear the list and show the new one. I like to organize my backups and my “backupz” and internal/external too.

    Anyway, nice program hope for its future releases

  4. Allister says:

    hi there
    how do you import your exported games list into ” PS3 Game List 1.5″ as im in a country where bandwidth is for the privilidged
    hence i would like to download the patches at work and bring them home as doing updates is not feasible at home
    much appreciated
    ps: and thanks to the genius that wrote this app !! much love and respect!

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