PS3 Game List v1.3

Download link:

Those looking for an alternative that allows you to manage your list of PS3 games are welcome to try PS3 Game List.

It started out as a demo to test the Qt Framework functionality, but it evolved into a full feature C++ app.

PS3 Game List change-log and features:


  • Allows further PARAM.SFO editing (video resolution and audio format);
  • Remembers game folder location and language settings;
  • Fixed crash while loading malformed PARAM.SFO.


  • Downloads all updates for a selected game instead of the latest one only;
  • Fixed column order issue.


  • Allows PARAM.SFO editing (game title and firmware version);
  • Allows directory renaming;
  • Allows game directory browsing (through an external explorer.exe call);
  • Lists available game updates (version and size);
  • Downloads game updates;
  • Fixed minor translation issues.


  • Makes use of multiple threads to load game info faster;
  • Lists game title, id, firmware version, size, boot status, and creation date from any directory;
  • Displays game’s avatar and background image;
  • Allows game list to be exported to a text file;
  • Multilanguage support: English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Props to The Yellow Icon and The Crystal Clear Project for the icons.

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7 Responses to PS3 Game List v1.3

  1. Josh Clark says:

    Hi there is there a possible way to code something similar in visual basic? Like just read what games you have in a specific folder like C:/Gamez/ and show a list using the Pic0.png of each game? If so i would like to include it in this little project application I’m making..

  2. J says:

    Hi, can you add proxy support in the next version?


  3. AlterEgo says:

    I like using your application, it really is a neat way to organize the collection and the the updates.

    Please also add a column for game folders having any files greater tha 4GB in size. It would help us determine that can these games be transferred to (FAT32) external harddisk or does it needs to be copied in the internal harddisk of PS3.

    Secondly can we control where can we download the updates or does it always defaults to the actual game folder. If it can be chosen then it can be a nice to have feature.


  4. aditloj says:

    Any chance of getting in contact with you about some of the source code. I’m trying to write a cover downloader app, and for the life of me I can’t work out how to mount ISO files the way you appear to be to get the Title ID. I only know to get it from param.sfo… is there somewhere else I should be looking?

    Just starting out so go easy on me please 😀

    • wborland0 says:

      Hey there, if you can read the PARAM.SFO file you are all set, that is all you really need. Not sure what you mean by ISO mounting, but if you are trying to read the info from an ISO file, you need to extract the file first. Since you did not mention the language you were developing your app in, I’d recommend getting a copy of the ECMA-119 standard so you can implement a reader of your own. Let me know how it works out.

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