Feature request

Contact me if you have a feature request, or leave it as a comment. If it is feasible, I will add it in a further release.

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28 Responses to Feature request

  1. chris says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could implement a feature to change the stock folder names to that of the game title. I hate going through a bunch of BCSU122323 when looking for a game while FTP’ing. Thanks!

  2. travis says:

    my feature request is an automatic rename of directories based on game id and game title.

    I recently accidentally formatted my drive with all my games. I was able to perform an unformat but it lost the folder names of each of the games, now htey are just dir1, dir2, dir3 etc. it would be nice if I could click one button and rename them all automatically.

  3. Tomm7600 says:

    please add support for longer access paths. I storage my games in x:\PS3\Game_name\game_id\, but your program only support x:\PS3\game_id

  4. Rick says:

    Hello, thanks for the app! I have 2 requests:
    1.The option to choose where the updates will be downloaded.
    2.The option to automatically rename downloaded PKGs.(Something like “title – gameid – version.pkg)
    This will make it easier to install the updates from the XMB.

  5. Tim says:


    This is a very fine tool. Thank you for that.I have two request for helpful features:

    – The program should recognize after downloading the patches that they are already downloaded, because if i stop the download of a folder with some games it wants to download all files again and overwrite the existing files

    – An option to stop downloads and continue later would help so that the program is able to finish a running download and then stop. Now i think if i stop the program the running patch download is not saved completely but only as a part.
    I hope my english is good enough to make you understand the things i said:-)

  6. Big J says:

    Not really a feature but a Mac OS port would be much appreciated…

  7. User says:

    Copyright in title does not work – (R) and (C)

    Offline games list would be nice, so that I can check the updates without reconnecting the harddrive.

  8. J says:

    Proxy support please!

  9. Moreno says:

    A simple request, Id like to be able to right click a game and show the actions I can do to it, lets say update, to update only this game etc

    Tyvm for this tool!

  10. Arturo says:

    Your tool is great … thanks for all the hard work. I want to add to the list the ability to change the cover or background through your tool, by selecting the game and browsing to your folder to select a different cover or background picture to be viewed in the game manager. Let say the supplied background with the game is kind of lame, so you search google and find something better, and have your tool, do whatever it needs to do to replace the current cover or background image (format type, size, resolution etc…) NOW THAT WOULD BE AWSOME and make you more awsome.

  11. zooea says:

    Love your tool. But…

    Can I use this to check for updates for my games on my internal PS3 HDD?

    And if, how do I do it?

    And if not, is it something you are working on?

  12. MH says:

    I like your work, its so great.

    Please can you update the rename method to include renaming game title + ID
    for example “the game – [BLU000111]” having the name and ID is great some times

    also please can you add option to store the game update into subfolder like PS3 Updater so we have compatible programs 🙂

    great work my friend

  13. meowmix says:

    hi, mate. excellent app. i have a few ideas for features to add.

    1. able to list games from more than one place at a time (i have them on h: i: and j: on my pc).

    2. show somewhere on the screen the total number of games listed.

    3. print the display info or save it to a txt document or spreadsheet.

  14. Gary says:

    How feasible is a Linux version of this app? Looks great and for the most part non-Windows users have been left out in the cold in PS3 app terms!

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